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Matt LeBlanc’s inspiration for ALIYAH is a single drop of water (meaning ascending in Hebrew). For the longest time Aliyah has been searching for her place in this world. But she also has a dream — she wants her life to be remembered as a beautiful piece of art. It is said, “Life is a piece of art, but only a few choose to hold their own brush.” Aliyah makes each brush stroke her own. Matt LeBlanc's third FUSION production, Aliyah, brings art to life on stage — complete with exhilarating lights, music, dance, performances — all presented through story.  This one-of-a-kind show features a breathtaking line-up of Matt’s creations, with everything from Matt himself creating an original piece of art on stage and hand painted costumes, to artistic stage design, and many other creative inspirations.

FUSION events have become more spectacular every year as Matt’s vision expands. It has grown from an audience of a few hundred into the thousands, now with shows in multiple cities.